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Data Mining Implications of Gartner’s 2011 Projections

Industry analysis organization Gartner announced four major trends for the next few years. This blog post projects implications for data mining (in general).

Prediction #1: “By 2013, 33 percent of BI functionality will be consumed via handheld devices.”

From their text, they include the tablet, which you may remember having seen from previous-released laptops with flippable screens (to make them a tablet with a stylus). The obvious technology which has driven this topic is the Apple iPad, but others are on the way, and vendors are trying to cash in on the wave of renewed interest in tablet devices. I recently purchased a small Asus computer, larger than a netbook, but allowing me to blog from just about anywhere. Asus also made a tablet announcemet at the Computer Electronics Show recently.

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Vertipaq, Analysis Services, and Data Mining

Rob Collie formerly worked for Microsoft, and now blogs at PowerPivotPro.com.  His blog is included in my Recommended Blogs for 2011.  Late last year, he posted his comments on Vertipaq and Analysis Services.  I would expect my regular reading audience to be used to models, so let’s start with Rob’s graphic from http://powerpivotpro.com/2010/11/12/five-observations-from-sql-pass/:

In the blog post, Rob tells the story which we are all knowing now:  

  • PowerPivot is an expression of the Vertipaq technology as an Excel add-in
  • Vertipaq will be moved into Analysis Services along with the DAX language
  • The rapid adoption of PowerPivot so far provides a confidence that improvements in this area will continue

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Project Crescent and Data Mining

Recently announced by the SQL Server Reporting Services team is codenamed Project Crescent.

First, check out the Amir Netz video (host is Bruno Aziza) posted to YouTube.


Facts about Project Crescent:

  • Product of the SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Team
  • Web-based visualization
  • Silverlight technology provides the coolness
  • Azure hosted the demo’s content (from the video’s soundtrack) — though I do not expect Azure to be a requirement for all Project Crescent uses

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