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Quick Guide to BIDS Helper for SSAS

BIDS Helper is an amazing free add-in for Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS).  You can obtain the add-in from the Codeplex website.  The purpose of this posting is to provide a quick guide to version Analysis Services (SSAS) functions.  The add-in also has other functions, but this post only lists the context-sensitive SSAS features. 

I believe this organization structure will encourage people to explore this product.  Setup is through a regular setup menu, but the actual features visually appear in context-senstive areas throughout BIDS:

  • BIDS Configuration — Tips for setup
  • BIDS Helper — Features by Hierarchy:  Keyed to the BIDS environment for SSAS, with links to the BIDS Helper website
  • BIDS Helper — Features by Hierarchy (Visual):  What to look for on the screen

BIDS Configuration

After installation, BIDS helper adds itself to many of the BIDS menus.  Configuration is through the tools menu.

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Dimension-based MDX Calculations

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services Unleashed Book Review Chapter 13

In the previous chapter, the book outlines a highest pass wins rule for determining the order of cube calculations. This chapter introduces dimension-based calculations, which will override a cube calculation. The chapter does not start with this argument (it’s on page 233) but I believe this fact is a good segue in the flow of the book.

The normative (default) role of aggregations is summation. Analysis Services has a series of unary operators, mathematical symbols or measure names which indicate how to perform rollup calculations. The default unary symbol is the addition sign + but other symbols are possible.

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