Play Jeopardy Against IBM’s Watson

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    In the news this week, IBM’s supercomputer named Watson competed on the American television game show Jeopardy. The episodes were taped earlier, but aired this week. I plan to blog on this topic in several posts, but in this first short post, I share a link to an interactive simulation where you can compete against IBM’s Watson.

    Blog post outline: Première, the screen shot, then the link.

    In the screen shot, I had already played and been beaten against Watson. Cependant, I did have a positive score. I was not trying to earn maximum points, because I was experimenting with the interface to see what it did. When I restarted the game, I noticed that the screen had the same questions, which I tested by asking for the hardest question in the music category.

    Watson did not always know the answer with a sufficiently high probability to register an answer. Aussi, for some questions, Watson’s database did not sufficiently allow it to answer a question.

    I have more posts coming on this topic, including an interview with a friend I have who was on the Jeopardy game show and competed against Ken Jennings (who played against IBM Watson). I also will be posting on the general topic of games and other challenges which I believe are more difficult than Jeopardy, and I will make an argument for why.

    Play a simulation game against IBM’s Watson:

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