Presenting at TechEd North America June 2012

Gesellig sein, Freigeben!

    Ich präsentieren “Datamining 2012 with Microsoft Excel 2010 and PowerPivot” at TechEd Orlando in June 2012. I will also be leading a “Birds of a Feather” session. The conference runs from June 11-14, 2012. This blog post has the details.

    The presentation is a “Breakout Session”:

    Excel 2010 provides a world-class platform for enterprise decision making. This presentation introduces the decision-making ability possible with the free Excel add-ins for PowerPivot and SQL Server Data Mining. The data mining is a service hosted in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 2012, but the Excel add-in exposes the enterprise-strength server technology to analysts and executives. This talk introduces some functions from the “Analyze” and “Data Mining” tabs, including data mining model creation from Excel data. Having seen this presentation some had thought it was all Excel since the functions seem so seamless. The Excel interface provides a familiar way for professionals to make actionable decisions.

    I will be using the new 64-bit Excel 2010 Add-in for SQL Server 2012 to demonstrate this technology.

    Die “Birds of a Feather” session is titled “BIG DATA: The Next Frontier for Innovation, Competition, and Productivity”:

    The amount of data in our world has been exploding to the point where 15 of 17 sectors in the United States have more data than the 234 terabytes collected by The Library of Congress in 2011. Analyzing these large data sets known as “Große Datenmengen” is becoming an essential component of gaining a competitive advantage in business. As Big Data grows and becomes more important application developers have to give more consideration to the database and associated tools used to meet these needs. What databases can be used for these large collections of data? Have you had to deal with Big Data in your company? Would you like to know how to deal with it? Come share your experiences and learn from your peers about this huge growth area. There are a lot of job opportunities here… Tell your friends and colleagues at home to watch the live broadcast and participate on Twitter using #bofdev.

    You can register for this conference now (and find out more information) at

    I will also be presenting this same topic at TechEd Europe also in June 2012.

    Gesellig sein, Freigeben!