Purchase Review of Predictive Analytics with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

Predictive Analytics with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning is authored by Roger Barga, Valentine (Val) Fontama, and Wee Hyong Tok. This post provides a review to inform a purchase decision for this book from publisher Apress. Click here to see the book on Amazon.

Predictive Analytics with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

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Data Science Guide for PASS Summit 2014

PASS Summit is a paid conference in Seattle, WA from November 5 to 7, 2014 (some preconference sessions precede the conference on November 3 und 4, and have an additional charge). The purpose of this blog post is to provide a guide to the PASS Summit for people interested in data science. To support this goal, this post has both a slide deck and YouTube video (16 minutes).

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Get started with Azure Machine Learning

Heute, Microsoft is announcing and offering general availability for Azure Machine Learning. Many of the features are listed at http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/machine-learning/


With this launch, I will be releasing more information on this new technology as the service becomes more available to the public. This blog post has the links and information to get started in three steps.

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Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

Yesterday, Microsoft publicly announced a new technology for machine learning called Microsoft Azure Machine Learning. This cloud-based technology promises ease in building data-driven analytics applications. Based on my MVP status and relationship with key Microsoft people, I have been aware of this technology for about two years: I have been keeping silent on this topic and will be only commenting on what is publicly available as it becomes available. This blog post has more of the publicly-announced details.
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Wie vergleicht sich SAS-Leistung mit Julia?

Ich habe ein SAS-Programmierer und Architekt seit Jahren: I did my first professional work in the 1990s. I also have made friends among people who focus on SAS. I had mentioned in a SAS Consultants forum in Google Groups that the open source Julia language was delivering impressive results compared with the R language. The testing involves several math problems which could be translated into most any language. Previous results (und code) has been already shared on http://julialang.org/

Ich wollte versuchen SAS um zu sehen, wie es gegen Julia macht, but I did not have a machine where I could load both software applications. Jedoch, Dom Pazzula getestet es nicht nur auf seinem Rechner, but also provided the comparison code. This blog post has the results of the test and the SAS code for you to try the comparison yourself.

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Free eBooks from Microsoft

Microsoft Program Manager Eric Ligman has been posting lists of free eBooks from his blog. I have not mentioned these books in past blog postings. Also, this posting is a catch-up for the three lists he has already mentioned and subsequently summarized. I will be commenting on free books which help for Microsoft data analytics and data science.
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Ist SPSS besser als SQL Server Data Mining?

Ich war vor kurzem diese Frage von jemandem gestellt, die für Microsoft arbeitet, and who was sincerely trying to understand the differences. I first used SPSS in the early 1990s on the mainframe, just after I had started using SAS on UNIX. Over my career, Ich habe SPSS in verschiedenen Umgebungen, und ich auch ein Papier einmal über SPSS Optionen für geschichtete Stichprobe Analyse veröffentlicht (zuvor diese Funktionen nicht verfügbar waren, aber jetzt sind sie als Option erhältlich).

Dieser Beitrag wird meine Antwort auf wie SPSS versus SQL Server Data Mining zu bewerten haben..

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Präsentation am SQL Samstag Charlotte Oktober 19

Ich wird an die zweite Charlotte BI Edition SQL Samstag teilnehmen. (in Charlotte, NC) on October 19. I will be at the PASS Summit as a volunteer (vor der SQL-Samstag), but will be talking at this Saturday conference about data mining. This post has the details.

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Auf Silicon Valley Code Camp Oktober präsentiert 5-6

Ich fühle mich geehrt, auf der PASSHÖHE zu sprechen (Fachverband für SQLServer) track at this year’s Silicon Valley Code Camp (in Los Altos Hills, CA). Annually, Diese Benutzer-Veranstaltung ist (aktuell) the largest Code Camp in the United States. Also, Ich habe ein Referent bei einigen Ereignissen der Vergangenheit SQL Samstag in Mountain View, and I know that passion for data mining runs deep in this technology hub. This post has details on the two presentations I will be giving.

CodeCamp Number 8 at FootHill College.
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Sponsoring and Presenting at SQL Saturday 226 South Florida June 29

I am happy to be a sponsor (via MarkTab Inc) and presenter at SQL Saturday 226 South Florida. I have been to this event in the past, and many of my presenter friends will also be at this excellent event. Also, I will giving away some great prizes: five passes (value US$1495) for data mining training to be held on September 10-12, 2013 (winners must be present at the end of the event to win). I also will be giving three separate one-hour presentations, two on data mining, and one for professional development. This blog post has the details, and links to the presentations.

SQL Saturday 226 South Florida

SQL Samstag 226 South Florida

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Presenting a Best Practices Framework for Data Mining June 2013

I copresented (with Artus Krohn-Grimberghe) a session called “A Best Practices Framework for Data Mining” for the June 13, 2013 PASS Virtual Business Analytics Group. This talk marks my third for this relatively new group, and I’m glad to work with leader Melissa Demsak on these quality presentations. For this talk, we had about 40 people, and seamlessly delivered the talk from both North America (myself) and Europe (Artus, who is in Germany). This post has the details and the links to the slides and recorded presentation.


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Sponsoring and Presenting at SQL Saturday 220 Atlanta GA May 18

MarkTab Inc. is a sponsor for SQL Saturday 220, Atlanta, GA (May 18), and will be giving away five passes to the three-day Experience Data Mining training on September 10-12, 2013. I will also be presenting two topics at SQL Saturday: first, Geheimnisse des Enterprise Datamining, and second, Applied Enterprise Semantic Mining. This post has the details.

SQL Saturday 220 Atlanta GA

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