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    This blog promotes insights from data mining, predictive analytics and business intelligence to make actionable decisions.

    About Mark Tabladillo

    From an early age, I had a natural passion and curiosity for learning.  I was fortunate to grow up in a home that valued learning and education.  I have had the opportunity to study many topics which touch my passion and interest.  I have been accepted to and attended some of America’s great universities and I teach at one too.

    Data mining has become a personal focus as I distill not only my formal education in this area, but also my professional consulting experience across industries.  Consider that this topic was not formed when I was a graduate student in the 1990s.  This topic and its application is one of active research and active professional expansion and development.  Perhaps you have experienced struggles understanding data mining despite your own excellent education and professional experience.

    Both technology and mathematics move forward, and on this blog I share my best practice tips and insights. Yes, I have been a professor of statistics at the undergraduate and graduate levels.  But I remain a student and applied researcher.  I have been professionally successful, having had data mining clients in multiple industries in the United States and around the world.  I share my data mining insights at leading conferences. I use this website to talk about my journey, new events, new technology, and new applications.

    My hope is that you need not struggle as I have.  It’s better that you hear my highlights of best practices and recommended steps.  I share data mining for people and groups and organizations who want to make an actionable decision, and that means a decision right now.   If you have a lot of data, and want to make a predictive decision about the future, then this blog is for you.

    If you enjoy this blog, then you can go deeper on my data mining portal.  This blog is part of the larger MarkTab.Net data mining portal, which provides information on data mining in general, and Microsoft Data Mining in particular.  Yes, there are nuggets of value on the surface, but even deeper veins of knowledge available.  I have had dozens of people (alive and dead) pour into my life, and I hope to pay forward what I know into your life.

    Mark Tabladillo (“MarkTab”)



    This blog is produced by MarkTab Consulting, a training and consulting organization based in Atlanta, Georgia (United States).    The company was founded by Mark Tabladillo, who started with a strong educational foundation from the world-class program in Industrial and Systems Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology (http://www.isye.gatech.edu/). Mark earned a doctorate (Ph.D.), and has a primary career consulting with companies across commercial and non-profit industries in the United States and around the world. Mark also demonstrates his depth in his secondary role as graduate school professor at the accredited University of Phoenix, where doctoral candidates seek him to be their dissertation mentor.

    Mark regularly presents at technical conferences, writes, and produces video to share his message. Some few clients prefer the more exclusive personal one-on-one coaching. However, Mark shares his thoughts freely for a wide professional audience on his website at http://marktab.net

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