Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

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    Yesterday, Microsoft publicly announced a new technology for machine learning called Microsoft Azure Machine Learning.  This cloud-based technology promises ease in building data-driven analytics applications.  Based on my MVP status and relationship with key Microsoft people, I have been aware of this technology for about two years:  I have been keeping silent on this topic and will be only commenting on what is publicly available as it becomes available.  This blog post has more of the publicly-announced details.

    Here is the preview video posted to both YouTube and the Microsoft website:

    Joseph Sirosh heads this project, and blogged about this technology.  He promises that in July 2014 we will have a public preview of this technology.  He also invited people to read the machine learning blog too.

    I will be commenting on this new Microsoft technology as it rolls out.  I have been participating in the beta program, and I have had several meetings in Redmond with Microsoft representatives about this technology, including hands-on training.

    Feel free to use the contact form to send me any specific questions you have.

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