Presenting at Data Science ATL on February 12

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    Data Science ATL February 12, 2013

    Data Science ATL February 12, 2013

    Data Science ATL is the name of a Meetup group in Atlanta, GA.  The group members nominally call themselves “data scientists” but also include the following topics:

    • Data management
    • Data visualization
    • Predictive analytics
    • Data mining
    • Data science
    • Applied statistics
    • Machine learning
    • Data analytics
    • Big data

    I will be presenting on February 12 at Hypepotamus (midtown Atlanta).  This post has the details.


    The topic is Overview of Microsoft data mining technology.


    Microsoft has provided data mining technology in their SQL Server
    product since 2000, being the first major database vendor to put
    analytics at the database.  SQL Server 2012 continues that leadership
    including the newly introduced semantic search (for text mining).  This
    demonstration talk will outline this SQL Server technology, including
    the Excel 2013 add-in, SQL Server Integration Services for production
    scoring and data cleaning, and semantic search for text mining.  This
    talk is appropriate for people new to data mining, but feel free to
    bring your harder questions too.

    The meeting time is 6:30 to 9:00 pm.  The presentation appears to have maybe 50 or more people attending.  This meeting is free, and is made possible by the space provider (by Hypepotamus) and food from corporate sponsors.

    You can click this link to find out more about this presentation.


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