One Thousand Tweets

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    I noticed last month that I was approaching 1,000 tweets with my @marktabnet account.  I decided to blog to mark the event.  I use WordPress to blog, and when I submit this post, I have an add-in which will officially send my 1,000th Tweet.  In this blog post, I will talk about Twitter, and how I plan to use it in 2012.

    I have not blogged since October 2011.  Perhaps I have a good excuse since I have been on travel, some personal and some business-related, and some speaking trips too.  However, Twitter has been a source of constant news, and I use that service to update people with status.  You will therefore see me tweeting in the months of November 2011, December 2011, and January 2012 even though I have not blogged recently.

    This month, January 2012, I went through an intentional search of people to follow on Twitter.  I am intentionally following people in three categories:

    • Microsoft experts (especially in data mining, or business analysis, including Excel experts)
    • SAS experts (I became part of the nationally-known SAS speakers in 2002, and I will be speaking at SAS Global Forum 2012)
    • Data Mining experts (includes associated topics like “predictive analytics” and applied “machine learning” — I spoke at Predictive Analytics World London IN November 2011, and will be blogging about that experience)

    In following more people, I notice that some have responded in kind.  Sometimes, people have an automatic service to follow anyone who follows them; I do not use such services since I notice that some followers are simply trying to accumulate followers.  Today, I flagged “Joe Hollywood” as a spam Twitter follower, since he has a mission to build beyond his already 1,000,000 followers.

    I use both Linked In and Facebook, and in both cases I want to know who the connection is.  I apply that same thinking to Twitter, and I will follow someone who is actively tweeting ad has more than just one-way-communication (reminiscent of traditional media).  I intend some of my tweets to be one-way announcements, but I also view the media as being interactive.  I do view people who include my @marktabnet handle in their tweets, and in many cases, I will tweet back, or retweet, or direct tweet (this last category is private, so you would not see direct tweets on my public tweet page).

    In the past month, I have seen an increase in about 33% in the number of followers simply by following appropriate people.  I find it a challenge to read the stream in TweetDeck, but I anticipate finding better readers or even categorizing my friends (allowing to read by category instead of everyone).  I am hoping that we will all have tools which will automatically categorize certain types of tweets, and not simply categorize only by sender.

    For now, I have been integrating Twitter with my WordPress blog.  Also, my tweets go to my Linked In page.  I can enter tweets through my desktop application (I typically use TweetDeck, though I agree that Twitter natively has done better with its own website).  I also enter tweets on my iPhone.

    I read today that Twitter started in 2006.  I do not remember when I claimed a Twitter account, but I believe I claimed @marktabnet in 2008 when I was preparing my own social media strategy.

    Final note:  I have been presenting my talk on Social Marketing for Information Technology Professionals to Microsoft audiences.  In  this talk, I discuss blogging and tweeting and other things I do to connect with social media applications.  I hope to present this information at Microsoft and SAS conferences in the future, and if you have any specific recommendations, send me a note in the “contact” page.


    How 1,000 Tweets look from TweetDeck

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