Speaking at Predictive Analytics World London November 2011

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    I had a personal goal to start going and participating at data mining conferences in 2011. Predictive Analytics World has a series of conferences held both in the United States and internationally. However, when I learned that they were having a conference in London, UK (November 30 to December 1), I believed it would be a good venue to share my work with SolidQ and BBC.

    This blog post has the abstract, and link to the conference website.

    The abstract:

    Data Mining for Social Moderation

    BBC (the British Broadcasting Company), a known media force in Europe, invited SolidQ consultants to help implement a data mining solution for their public-facing website. BBC encourages users to post comments and become part of their social media community. In this project, BBC needed a way to improve social moderation of millions of posts on thousands of forums. This presentation covers final model results evaluation. We also discuss cost efficiencies. More organizations will enterprise solutions to handle high-volume social networking.

    I am copresenting with my SolidQ colleague Francisco Gonzalez Diaz (“Paco”) who had the lead role in the project, also located in London, UK (which is why it made sense to speak in London over the United States). I thought it would be good for the European SolidQ team to have conference exposure beyond the typical Microsoftish ones. This event gives me the opportunity to take SolidQ with me into a data mining conference.

    The conference format has some restrictions (as all conferences do), this time including having only 20 minutes to present. With that small amount, we have to be quick on our points. Francisco and I have some plans to develop more elaborate materials, which I plan to blog about as we build out.

    If you want to come see us in Europe, here is the conference link: http://www.predictiveanalyticsworld.com/london/2011/

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