What is SQL Server?

SQL Server is the brand name of Microsoft's enterprise-level database management system (DBMS).  People use a DBMS to store and process data.  An enterprise-level DBMS allows between dozens and thousands of people to connect to the same data.  Within a particular version, SQL Server comes in different editions, and the Enterprise Edition allows for enterprise-level service.

SQL Server (2005 and higher, Enterprise Edition) includes the following integratable components:

  • A relational database engine (which some call "SQL Server")
  • SQL Server Integration Services -- provides a visual data control flow and transformation workspace (collectively called a package) which can be scheduled as a job
  • SQL Server Analysis Services -- provides OLAP (online analytic processing) technology, including data mining
  • SQL Server Reporting Services -- provides an interactive or scheduled web-based reporting system

Data mining is the automated or semi-automated process of discovering patterns in data. This technology resides within SQL Server Analysis Services, though text mining is within SQL Server Integration Services.  Many competing data mining technologies are applications, but SQL Server Data Mining is a service, one which requires a client-server relationship (though that relationship could be on a single machine).

This website discusses data mining in general and SQL Server Data Mining in particular.  On this website, you can find resources for data mining, including a blog.

Please use the menu system to access the resources on the website.  In particular, the Getting Started page provides configuration options for using SQL Server Data Mining.

Please click this link to search the blog for the term SQL Server.

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